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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miserable Little Baby

I have not been able to update my blog because Kaden came down with a fever Sunday night and was up most of the night. I took him to the doctor Monday, and he had a terrible ear infection in both ears. He has already been on 4 different antibiotics since the beginning of January for ear infections. The last thing they could give him was injections of Rocephin (a powerful antibiotic) which is also VERY painful. He received one Monday, yesterday, and again this afternoon. As of this afternoon the infection is not any better. If you pray, I would really appreciate a quick prayer for baby Kaden that this last shot works and his ears clear up. It is AWFUL seeing him in so much pain and then having to get those painful shots. We have an appointment with the ENT Friday. I am hoping they can get him scheduled for tubes as early as next week. Oh, and did I mention that my husband has been out of town all week? He is supposed to get back late tonight. I have a whole new respect for single moms......


  1. Sending prayers for you and Kaden! That must be so tough to see him in pain. Hoping the injections work and he is better soon!

  2. Hang in there!! My youngest had tubes and still got infections ~ thank goodness we didn't wait any longer than we did! Infections with tubes in are not as painful and the medicine is just drops.

    Here is hoping and praying you both have a better night!!

  3. I hope he's feeling better! And you are too. I Know it's hard. Ear infections are definitely the worst. I hope the appointment went well today.

  4. oh poor baby, I do hope this last shot will kick in and clear up the ear infection.