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Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthdays, Valentines, and Snow, Oh My!

Here I am playing catch-up again. Work was crazy last week with all of the snow days, 2 hour delays, and Valentine's party, and then Owen's birthday was Saturday, and of course Valentine's Day yesterday.... I need another weekend! I am going to work my way backwards with my POTD.

Monday, 2/15 - Well we got another 6 inches of snow last night and this morning. I am so ready for spring. This a picture of our labrador, Lucy, standing on the back deck.

Sunday, 2/14 - Yesterday we took Owen to Build-a-Bear for the first time. He quickly picked out the bear he wanted, and had a great time helping make him. His favorite part was giving him a "bath." He didn't want to leave the tub area.

Here's one more picture from yesterday.... because I am shameless, I guess. =) I spent $15 on this cute little shirt, and he got to wear it one day. I want more people to see it. =)

Saturday, 2/13 - Today was Owen's Mickey Mouse birthday party. I got him this smaller cake because I didn't want to risk him spitting all over the big cake when he blew out the candle. I got this picture as he was preparing to blow out the candle.

Friday - 2/12

I am super blessed to have an AWESOME daycare provider. I stopped on the way home from work to pick up these flowers for Owen to give to Jeannine.

Thursday, 2/11 - I am lucky that my niece, Meredith, is at the same school in which I teach. I walked down the hall and snapped this picture during her V-Day party.

Wednesday - 2/10 - Tonight I was playing around on Facebook wondering what my POTD should be. I decided to take a pic of my laptop. I love that thing! =)

Wow! I think I am caught up. Hopefully I won't go that long without updating again!


  1. Great photos!! Nice of you to get the flowers!

  2. LOL... I love the "shirt". You are so funny. Sounds like you had a super busy week.

  3. You poor guys with all the snow. It was 70° here today. Sorry. I love the little guys shirt "My mommy is my Valentine" how cool is that...

  4. Good catchup. Owen's shirt is great. I think you can be his Valentine more than one day though.

  5. Lucy is adorable! That's too funny that Owen didn't want to leave the bath area. I can't wait for my nephew to be old enough to take him there. That is a great show of him blowing out his candles!

  6. Love the shirt. Wish my boys were younger and they wanted to go to build a bear.
    cute birthday picture :)