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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Losing Sleep because of those Olympics =)

Well, my title says it all. I am staying up waaaay to late watching the Olympics. Wednesday was the best day yet, though. It was so exciting watching Lindsay Vonn win the downhill, and her reaction was priceless. And how about Shaun White? All I can say is WOW!

My POTD for Wednesday, February 17th.

Tuesday, February 16th. Today was actually Owen's birthday. Since he is OBSESSED with all things related to cars, trucks, trains, etc... we took him to Pizza King. They have a train that delivers the drinks to the tables. He absolutely LOVED it. He only ate one small square of pizza because he was turned around waiting for the train to come by the entire time we were there.


  1. He is just way too cute. I hope he had a "super" birthday

  2. I have never really been into the winter Olympics, but something about this yr has really sucked me in. Last night was amazing on all accounts. I think any little boy would find that fascinating having a train deliver the drinks.

  3. I really enjoy the Olympics too. Cute picture of your little guy.