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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I LOVE a Great Bargain

Yesterday I had to drive to Indianapolis for a teacher conference. We stopped at some outlet malls on the way back. I popped into the Coach store, and they were having an awesome sale. I hadn't bought myself a new Coach purse in a couple of years, so I was due. =) Anyway, I got this cute black purse that was originally priced at $348 for $106! I just happened to have $85 of my Christmas money in my purse, so Merry Christmas to me! I rarely buy anything for myself these days, so this was fun! I find it funny that there is thread on the Cricut message board right now that asks if you would buy a new cart or Coach purse given the choice I guess that answers that question!.... Although I did get 3 new carts for Christmas.

My POTD for today is of the cute snowman pillow that I keep on my couch. When I take the Christmas stuff down, I put the snowman stuff up and keep it up until the end of February. This little guy just makes me smile when I look at him.


  1. Nice purse. Everyone deserves something special now and them. I love snowmen. Last year my dog got attached to one I had on the couch for Christmas so I left it out all year for her. She curls up to it everyday.

  2. Oh I love that purse... and I love your snowman, he would definitely make me smile too.

  3. Im a snowman collector, and a few of mine stay out all yr. I have never had a purse that cost more than $50. I'd be too afraid it would get damaged. Congrats on the great deal on your Coach purse.

  4. Cute purse Michelle! I'm with you...I'd choose Coach over a cart any day!

  5. Love the snowman and good deal on the purse.

  6. What a great purse! I've been to that coach outlet. How awesome is that purse?!?! Very cute! Well worth the Christmas stash.

    Snowman pillow is really cute.