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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Sick Little Baby

Sunday morning Kaden woke up with a fever and very congested. I took him to the doctor and he had RSV, a double ear infection, and an eye infection. The poor little guy was completely miserable Sunday and all day Monday. I took this picture of him napping on Daddy.

I wasn't sure what to use for the POTD for Tuesday. I saw this magazine laying on the table and decided to go with it. I love to read magazines because I can pick them up and read for a few minutes (about what I have time for these days) and then put it right back down.

Wednesday's picture is of my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies. I admit that I am "break and bake" sort of girl when it comes to cookies. While I love to cook, I do not like to bake. That is what makes these cookies such a treat. I thought they positively begged for a cup of coffee to be enjoyed along side them..... in my favorite cup, of course. =)


  1. I hope your little guy gets better soon. Don't you just hate seeing them sick?

  2. oh I hope your poor sweetie gets to feeling better soon. Cookie looks so good.

  3. Oh I hope he is feeling better soon... :-(

  4. Poor little guy...I hate it when little ones are sick...Love the cup...what a great saying.